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Rant Sports Presents Diamond Gems: An Interview With Kerry Wood (Part One)

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In partnership with Rant Sports, BCB is proud to present the newest incarnation of "Diamond Gems" in video format. Diamond Gems was founded as a syndicated baseball radio show in 1994 by George Castle, longtime baseball journalist, author and columnist for SB Nation Chicago.

Castle's strong relationships with baseball people, past and present, will provide for some of the most enlightening interviews featured in these videos. His status as a baseball historian also will bring the feel of the game's storied past to Diamond Gems. A sample of that melding of past and present in baseball are five segments taped with Hall of Famer Billy Williams, marking his 50th season in the Cubs organization in 2011, which will run here in the future, along with interviews with other current baseball newsmakers.

Castle also has published 10 baseball books since 1998. His latest work is "When The Game Changed: An Oral History of Baseball's True Golden Age: 1969-79" (link to BCB review of this book from Oct. 26, 2010 -- a fun read that brings history to life in the words of players from that era).

After the jump, part one of George Castle's four-part interview with Kerry Wood. In future weeks we'll have segments taped with Ryan Dempster.

(Note: there are a couple of short ads before the interview begins.)