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Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants Preview, Sunday 3/20, 3:05 CT: Happy Equinox

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- The vernal equinox hits today at 6:21 p.m. CDT, shortly after today's game will likely end, and by then, let's hope the Cubs are ready for a new season as well.

A few Sunday notes:

This afternoon Randy Wells -- who has been excellent this spring -- will face the Giants. Other Cubs pitchers scheduled today: John Grabow, Justin Berg, Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol. The Giants send a split-squad to Mesa, so the Cubs will miss Madison Bumgarner; instead, Shane Loux will start for San Francisco. The split-squad also means we won't see top Giants 1B prospect Brandon Belt -- he's playing in their other game. Complete lineups after the jump.

Cubs lineup:

Camp RF Castro SS Byrd CF Ramirez 3B Moore 1B Soriano LF Scales 2B Hill C Wells P

This is the second day in a row Matt Camp has started. Could the Cubs be looking at him more seriously as a backup, even if he starts the year at Iowa?

Giants lineup:

2B Burriss SS Fontenot 3B Sandoval LF Burrell RF Schierholtz CF Rowand 1B Ishikawa C Whiteside P Loux

I guess no one told the Giants that Mike Fontenot can't play shortstop. (He did play nine games there last year, four for the Cubs and five for the Giants, and not very well.)

Here's all the media information for today. Gameday for today's game

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today. Today's game is on WGN radio with Pat and Zonk, and on CSN Chicago with Len and Bob. If you don't have access to CSN, it's also on MLB.TV.

Please visit our SB Nation Giants site McCovey Chronicles..

There will be an overflow thread posting at 4:30 p.m. CDT. As usual, the overflow thread will NOT post on the front page but will be in the "Recent Stories In Game Threads" box on the right sidebar. If you need an extra overflow thread beyond that one, post it in the FanShot section.

Discuss amongst yourselves.