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Cubs To Host Wrigleyville Block Party This Weekend

Like the "Wildcat Way" that was on Sheffield during the Northwestern game last November, the Cubs are going to hold a "Wrigleyville Block Party" during the Yankee series this weekend (and also during the White Sox series in July and Cardinals series in August).

There's one significant difference. The city didn't want to allow the Cubs to close Sheffield, a residential street, for three weekends during busy summer times. So, this event will be held, according to a press release from the Cubs, "on the east side of Clark Street" -- i.e. on the triangle property owned by the Cubs. No streets will be closed. The release also says:

This event will be open free of charge to the public from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT.

Wrigleyville Block Party visitors will enjoy live music on the Budweiser Music Stage from several of Chicago’s top cover bands. Family-friendly activities will be available for kids, such as a sign-making and crafting station presented by EK Success. A basketball hoop attached to PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet Van will be available Friday, June 17, and a BP Crosstown Cup Photo Booth and Wii Home Run Derby station will be available June 18-19. The newly-launched Cubs Trolley, complete with eight flat-screen TVs, video game consoles and more, will be present at the Wrigleyville Block Party as well.

Here's how I see this: I'm glad they're not closing off Sheffield -- that's far too much disruption for a residential area. "Wildcat Way" worked because the Cubs were trying to create a bowl game atmosphere around a college football game. I have my doubts that the same kind of atmosphere exists, or can be created, around a handful of regular season baseball series, even with opponents like the Yankees, White Sox and Cardinals. It's just not the same thing.

I suppose if it brings in some money for the team, it's worth doing... as long as that money eventually goes to improving the baseball side of the equation.