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2011 MLB Draft Chat Thread

The Cubs select . . .
The Cubs select . . .

Will Bubba Starling fall to the Cubs? Will Anthony Rendon? If he does, would we want him since the reason must be his medical reports? Will the Cubs take a high school pitcher for the first time since 2005? Or will Randy Hundley accidentally put in the name of the top player from his most recent fantasy camp?

Be polite, no matter who gets drafted. This is the biggest night of a young ballplayer's life, and we want them to have a positive impression of the fans they'll be playing for. Remember: players and their family members do read this blog. I do not want to have to shut down commenting on the draft thread like we did last year. (Note from Al: I am 100% behind Josh in this request. You may not agree with the Cubs' pick, but neither of us will tolerate any personal attacks.)

Have at it.