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Cubs Convention Day 1: The Theo And Kerry Show

Never let it be said that the Cubs don't know how to put on a show.

In front of a packed Grand Ballroom at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, emcee Pat Hughes brought the house down with the "breaking news" that the Cubs had re-signed Kerry Wood.

(And thank you, Theo Epstein. With this one move, and the drama of its announcement, you wrote yourself into a chapter of Cubs lore. Well done!)

Theo himself got a rousing ovation and chants of "Theo! Theo!" when he was introduced. No one else got anything like it, although Ernie Banks and Andre Dawson came close.

I have quite a few photos to show you, but I can't tonight. Why? Because the internet service at the Hilton is out. I am writing this post, very slowly, from my phone.

Which leads me to yet another plea to the Cubs to move this event to a better venue. This is the third straight year I've had internet issues here. The elevators are horrifically slow, the exhibit halls cramped, the ballrooms have audio problems, and every time you walk past the doors, which is unavoidable, you get a blast of cold air and cigarette smoke in your face.

The Hilton is not suitable for this event any more, if indeed it ever was. Here's hoping next year's and future conventions are at a more suitable location. This event outgrew this one a decade ago.

I'll have more late Saturday, when I can post from home.