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Gridlock In DC And Other MLBullets

All of the divisional series are tightening up, but things are even tighter in DC, which is bracing for its first playoff game in 79 years.

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The playoffs roll on ...

  • The A's and Giants aren't quite ready to give up on the postseason, each winning game three yesterday in a series they trailed 2-0. Each game was tight, with the A's winning a two-run shutout, and the Giants winning 2-1 in the 10th. Each series stands tied 2-1, and will go again today.
  • Indeed, all four divisional series play today, with the Cardinals and Nationals going at 1pm ET (MLBN), the Giants and Reds going at 4pm ET (TBS), the Orioles and Yankees going at 7:30pm ET (TBS), and the Tigers and A's going at 9:30pm ET (TNT).
  • The Reds could be without ace Johnny Cueto for the rest of the postseason thanks to an oblique strain, which forced him from the first game of the NLDS against the Giants after just one batter. Originally, the injury was back spasms, which then led to the strain. The Reds, of course, are hopeful that Cueto will be able to return if the Reds advance in the playoffs.
  • The timing of that Nats/Cards game - the first playoff game in DC in 79 years - could create some serious transit headaches, since it will be ending near the start of rush hour. The Washington Post is planning to live blog the traffic situation - that's how serious they expect it to be.
  • Jaime Garcia has been removed from the Cardinals' playoff roster after an MRI revealed a strained rotator cuff. He was replaced by rookie Shelby Miller.
  • That really awesome Ichiro play at home plate the other night - you know, the one where he deftly avoided Matt Wieters' tag by sashaying some five to ten feet wide of the dish? Yeah, he should have been called out. See Rob Neyer's take.
  • FanGraphs looks back at some bold predictions from before the season. It's interesting to see what was thought to be a "bold" prediction six months ago.
  • Some sabermetric links from around the web, courtesy of Beyond the Boxscore.
  • Steve Stone says all that bluster about him not wanting to continue working with Hawk Harrelson on White Sox broadcasts was misinterpreted, and he'll be back in the White Sox booth next year.

Brett Taylor is the Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and a Contributor here at Bleed Cubbie Blue.