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Len And Bob Broadcast Team Breaking Up

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Bob Brenly, who has teamed with Len Kasper in the Cubs' TV booth for the last eight seasons, is leaving.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Rumors have been flying about Bob Brenly possibly leaving the Cubs' broadcast team, and late Wednesday, it was confirmed:

Well. I can't tell you how unhappy I am about this. Bob and Len Kasper have been together for eight seasons, and have become an excellent combination on the air; early-on, it didn't seem that way, but it does take time to get on-air chemistry right, and Len and Bob did. Especially over the last couple of years, with the team being so bad, they entertained and informed throughout the broadcasts. I will miss hearing Bob with Len.

Len's become a very good play-by-play man and I suspect no matter who they hire, Len will work hard to get that chemistry back. But it will take time.

There have been rumors that Bob Brenly is headed to Arizona to replace Mark Grace in the booth; Chris DeLuca mentions that in his tweet. It makes sense; the D'backs need someone and Brenly has a home in the Phoenix area. Bob's contract was with WGN, even though he also worked games on CSN Chicago; he was neither employed by nor paid by the Cubs.

He'll be missed in Chicago. Good luck to him.