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Cubs Survey Fans On Friday & Saturday Start Times

Sounds like the Cubs are considering changes in Friday and Saturday game times, according to an email survey some fans received.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Cubs sent out an email survey Wednesday morning asking Wrigley Field neighbors and season-ticket holders (I'm on both lists, so I got it twice) about possible game time changes for Friday and Saturday games.

The survey asks two questions: would you support 3:05 p.m. starts on Fridays, and would you support night games on Saturdays. It further asks how many Saturday night games you would support, if you answered yes to the second question, and there was also a space for comments on either issue.

If you didn't get this email -- or even if you did -- we can replicate some of the results here. There's a poll on this post that asks one of these questions; due to the way polls are formatted here, I can't post both questions, since then you'd be answering only one (either the Friday or Saturday question). So -- I've chosen the Friday question. You can leave your answer to the Saturday night game question in the comments, and, obviously, any other comments on this issue.

So, vote in the poll -- we should have a reasonable idea of how the Cubs' survey will come out.