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The Reds And Tigers Are In Control And Other MLBullets

Both the Reds and Tigers have 2-0 leads as their divisional series shift locations. The Tigers will go for the sweep in Oakland, while the Reds will have a chance to sweep at home.

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The last two years in particular, I'm reminded of just how much fun October is going to be when the Cubs are involved in the playoffs. And it'll happen - of that I'm sure. I just couldn't tell you when ...

  • The Reds are up 2-0 on the Giants after winning by nine in a shutout yesterday, despite the fact that the Giants got to host those two games. The Reds will try to clinch on Tuesday when they take on Ryan Vogelsong (not Tim Lincecum) in Cincy. Homer Bailey will take the ball for the Reds, just 11 days after throwing a no-hitter.
  • The Tigers are also up 2-0 in their series with the A's, winning yesterday on the less-dramatic-than-it-could-be walk-off sac fly. The 5-4 win sets the stage for a possible sweep by the Tigers, but they'll have to do it in Oakland, where the series shifts on Tuesday. Anibal Sanchez will take on Brett Anderson.
  • Russell Martin's ninth inning solo homer broke up a 2-2 tie, and started a big rally, in which the Yankees would score four more times. They won the first game against the Orioles 7-2. Game Two is tonight at 8pm ET, featuring Andy Pettitte and Wei-Yin Chen.
  • The Nationals and Cardinals will also play their Game Two today at 4:30pm ET after Nats took the first game 3-2 on the strength of a two-out, two-run single by Tyler Moore in the top of the 8th. Jordan Zimmermann faces Jaime Garcia today.
  • A pictorial representation of that pesky infield fly situation that helped take the Cardinals to the divisional series. It was the correct call, if unfortunately timed.
  • Jim Tracy resigned as the Rockies' manager after an ugly 2012 season. He took over the reins in May 2009, helped lead the Rockies to the postseason, and won Manager of the Year honors for his troubles. The Rockies had no intentions of dismissing Tracy, so they were a bit surprised by the news. Perhaps they were happy to have a manager in place who was willing to go with their four-man rotation idea. Now they'll have to find a suitable replacement. (Aside: it always gives me a chuckle when I see "resign" and think of it as "re-sign," or vice versa. The words are almost the baseball story equivalent of a self-antonym. Another word that is its own antonym? "Sanction." Think about it. That's all for this parenthetical. That's for taking the side trip.)
  • The Red Sox really want John Farrell for their next manager, but it's going to take a trade with the Blue Jays to get him. How much is he really worth, and how do those manager trades usually turn out? FanGraphs takes a look.
  • Speaking of managers, former Red Sox manager Terry Francona is going to take over the vacancy in Cleveland, and will be formally introduced today.
  • Beyond the Boxscore analyzes the most valuable players in MLB ... as in, the most dollar-valuable, by comparing WAR value versus what they were paid.

Brett Taylor is the Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and a Contributor here at Bleed Cubbie Blue.