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SBN Awards: Rookie Of The Year

Two rookies who made big splashes on the major-league scene in 2012 are now the winners of awards from SB Nation voters.

Rob Carr

It's baseball awards week -- the "official" awards voted on by the BBWAA will be announced this evening via a show on MLB Network.

We at SB Nation have, as has been the custom the last few years, voted for our own awards, using the same voting structure as the BBWAA.

You will not be surprised to learn the identities of our winners for Rookie of the Year. Bryce Harper is the SBN National League Rookie of the Year; Mike Trout won the American League version. Each site got two votes; Mike Bojanowski got the second vote from this site. Our ballots:

Al: Wade Miley, Bryce Harper, Anthony Rizzo
Mike: Bryce Harper, Todd Frazier, Wade Miley

Here's the National League voting; points awarded are on a 5-3-1 basis. Yes, I made a homer pick in Rizzo; I thought his numbers in a bit more than half a season were worth a third-place vote. Why Miley over Harper? Though Harper's numbers were very good, he also had times when he struggled, while Miley was pretty consistent all season long. It was pretty close, in my mind.

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Bryce Harper Washington Nationals 26 9 157
Wade Miley Arizona Diamondbacks 8 21 5 108
Todd Frazier Cincinnati Reds 1 4 9 26
Norichika Aoki Milwaukee Brewers 14 14
Zack Cozart Cincinnati Reds 1 2 5
Andrelton Simmons Atlanta Braves 1 1
Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs 1 1
Lucas Harrell Houston Astros 1 1
Mike Fiers Milwaukee Brewers 1 1
Yasmani Grandal San Diego Padres 1 1

And, the American League balloting:

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels 26 130
Yu Darvish Texas Rangers 16 7 55
Yoenis Cespedes Oakland Athletics 9 10 37
Jarrod Parker Oakland Athletics 1 6 9
Jesus Montero Seattle Mariners 1 1
Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays 1 1
Wei-Yin Chen Baltimore Orioles 1 1