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BBWAA Names Dickey, Price Cy Young Winners

You might be surprised to learn the identity of at least one of the BBWAA's Cy Young winners.

J. Meric

Earlier today, SB Nation announced the results of its "Pitcher of the Year" balloting, the SBN award intended to match the Baseball Writers Association of America's Cy Young award.

R.A. Dickey won both our award and the BBWAA's, and his breakout year at age 37 is something that all young pitchers should take note of; if your career isn't going well, why not try learning the knuckleball? It's a dying art, but those who can master it can often pitch well into their 40s (the Niekro brothers and Charlie Hough are recent examples). Dickey is the first knuckleballer to win a Cy Young; Phil Niekro finished second in 1969.

It's something of a surprise that the BBWAA voters didn't match SBN's for the A.L. award, but David Price had an excellent season, and the voters apparently thought it was just a little bit better than Justin Verlander's. The vote was extremely close. (Who put Fernando Rodney first, anyway?)

And if you want to find out who voted for whom, click here for the AL ballots and here for the NL ballots.