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BBWAA Names Posey, Cabrera MVPs For 2012

The last of baseball's awards for 2012 have been announced; now we head into a long winter.

Ezra Shaw

The vote was noncontroversial in the National League; not so much in the American.

Buster Posey's outstanding season both behind the plate and at bat got him the votes for National League MVP from the Baseball Writers Association of America, matching the vote we here at SB Nation gave him. Ryan Braun of the Brewers and Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates also had great years, but Posey's was judged just a bit better.

There was more controversy behind the American League vote; some said that Mike Trout's historic rookie season for the Angels -- where he did things no player, rookie or not, had ever done, qualified him to be MVP as well as Rookie of the Year. Others claimed that the Tigers' Miguel Cabrera hitting for the Triple Crown, the first time that had been accomplished in 45 seasons, qualified the Detroit third baseman for the award.

The voters went with Cabrera, and it wasn't close -- 22 first place votes and 362 points for Cabrera, six first-place votes and 281 points for Trout.

You can all hash it out in the comments, And if you want to find out which writers voted for which players, click here for the AL ballots and here for the NL ballots.