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Name That Cub

I will give you five hints toward a current or former Cubs player. How well can you guess them? The pictured player may, or may not, have something in common with one of the ten.

Thearon W. Henderson

To allow people to struggle with this a bit, don't answer any of the options for a day or so. Depending on how much fun you guys have, there are a few other players in the historical legend.

Player One

I played college ball in Ohio.

In my first MLB season, I went hitless in over 30 at bats.

I was a fourth-round draft pick.

I played six years in Chicago.

I was three over .500 with the Cubs.

Player Two

My top at-bat season was with the Cubs.

I was a 10th-round pick of a team on the East Coast.

My dad won a World Series ring.

Mainly, I was a center fielder.

I was in the post -season twice, though not as a Cub.

Player Three

The team that signed me was the last MLB team I played for.

The Cubs acquired me in a very successful trade.

My best WAR season was as a Cub.

I was born in Tennessee.

I was dealt in a package deal for a player who still holds a HBP record.

Player Four

The Cubs drafted me in a late round.

I won a World Series Ring.

I was traded late in my career for a player nicknamed for a musical style.

A hockey player is generally considered the most popular athlete with my last name, though he pronounces it differently than I do.

My entire MLB career was in the 1970's.

Player Five

I attended Northwestern University.

My entire big league career was with the Cubs.

All of my MLB triples occurred in one season.

I player in two different decades, leaving MLB before the draft started.

I attended Morton High School in the Chicago suburbs.

Player Six

I was born in Cuba.

Cleveland originally signed me.

As a Cub, I had double-digit saves in successive years.

In my only MLB decision as a starter, Gary Carter homered off of me.

I attended Edison High in Miami.

Player Seven

I was attended college in Illinois.

While my name was John, you don't know me by that name.

I played against the Cubs in the post-season one year.

In my two seasons as a Cub, I homered four times.

My forte was pinch hitting.

Player Eight

I was born in an NFL city.

Five of my six career at bats were as a Cubs member.

I played college baseball in the ACC.

I have half as many career wins as losses.

I was a Sixth Round Pick by an Eastern Division club.

Player Nine

I attended University of Puget Sound.

I was a utility infielder.

The Cardinals drafted and signed me.

The only player I was traded for was also traded for a Cubs Hall of Fame pitcher with a retired number.

I played with the Cubs for five seasons.

Player Ten

I played in at least one World Series for the Cubs.

I won at least twenty games in three different seasons.

The Cubs traded me, then later bought me back.

I was buried in Arkansas, the state I was also born in.

Hall of Famer Chick Hafey homered in my MLB debut, though not off of me.