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Carlos Marmol/Dan Haren Trade Pulled Off Table By Cubs

The Cubs would have had a new starting pitcher, but a proposed deal sending Carlos Marmol to the Angels for Dan Haren is apparently dead.

Bob Levey

You can read everything below, which made it look like the Cubs and Angels had made a deal swapping Carlos Marmol for Dan Haren, but here's what eventually happened Friday night:

When things happen in baseball, they often happen quickly.

Here I was, sitting around lazily on a Friday night watching the Bulls game, when this tweet came across:

And then there was this, supposedly confirming Marmol was heading west in exchange for Dan Haren:

That was followed by a quote from Marmol:

I'll come back here and post a confirmation once the Cubs officially announce this, but my first reaction is that this is a spectacularly good deal for the Cubs. Presuming the contract option was exercised on Haren, and the Cubs sent Marmol's contract west, the Cubs are on the hook for approximately $6 million more than they owed Marmol -- and get a first-rate starting pitcher, while having options (Alberto Cabrera, Jaye Chapman, Michael Bowden) to replace Marmol at closer.

Nice work, Theo & Jed.