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Powered By Tryptophan, We Return To Cub Tracks

Like the rest of us, the beat writers stuffed their faces over the holiday. So we're all a bit slow. But, in a play off of Brett's intro yesterday... it's time to "snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity." (One FREE subscription to Cub Tracks for the first BCBer to identify that song!!!)

Does Luis Valbuena have squatter's rights on the Cubs' 3B job?
Does Luis Valbuena have squatter's rights on the Cubs' 3B job?
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

If you missed the first Cub Tracks and need to know what is going on, click here.

One quick protocol note: The Tuesday version of Cub tracks will generally cover links posted on Thursdays through Monday mornings. Monday afternoon through Wednesday content will appear in the Thursday edition. If something 'big' happens on a Monday, someone will start a fanshot anyway.

But let's get on with the links.

From Comcast SportsNet

From the Chicago Tribune

  • The Bears played football on Sunday. The Trib knows about that. It looks like the baseball guys have mostly been on vacation. And I may end up linking fewer Trib articles, since I've exceeded my 5 article limit for this month without their super duper subscription membership.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Also not doing much of anything.


  • Ditto.


  • Is anybody working?

From Cubs Den

From the Daily Herald

  • Nada.

Today's food for thought

With Thanksgiving over, silly season will be upon us soon. Look for the beat writers to start cranking up the rumor mill.