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Jair Jurrjens, Future Cub?

The Braves are reportedly going to non-tender the 26-year-old righthander. Hey, Theo and Jed! Get him signed!

Scott Cunningham

We've talked about the possibility of the Cubs acquiring Braves righthander Jair Jurrjens many times in the past.

Now, they might have a chance to get him after the non-tender deadline, because:

Jurrjens was third in National League Rookie of the Year voting in 2008, at age 23; three years later, he was a National League All-Star, but shortly after that injuries hit. Jurrjens has suffered from knee problems since the middle of 2011 and was awful in 2012, posting a 6.89 ERA and 1.862 WHIP in 11 appearances (10 starts).

The Braves must figure they have enough pitching depth to let him go, but pitching depth isn't one of the things the Cubs have, even with the recent signings of Scott Baker and Scott Feldman. Personally, I think snapping up Jurrjens would be a no-brainer for Theo and Jed; Jurrjens won't turn 27 until January (he's one year younger than Jeff Samardzija), and even if he has to rehab for a while, I think there's still a pretty good chance he could recover and become a solid rotation guy for several seasons.

Even if his name isn't Scott.

What say you?