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Cubs Non-Tender Stewart, Putnam, Chapman

There was at least one surprise in the list of players not tendered a contract by the Cubs for 2013.


The non-tender deadline is still a few hours away, but Carrie Muskat has details on the Cubs' contract tenders, and non:

The only real surprise here, in my view, is Jaye Chapman, who pitched reasonably well in relief after being recalled in September. Paul Sullivan tweets:

That's all well and good -- maybe they want to sign them to minor-league deals, keeping them off the 40-man roster, for now? -- but there's no guarantee of that. Further note from Carrie:

So if those two aren't arb-eligible, why not tender them contracts? They'd be paid the minimum, most likely, right? Also, that note seems to indicate that Ian Stewart won't be back. Overall, 18 players from the Cubs 40-man roster were tendered 2013 contracts today -– the four arbitration-eligible players and 14 players not yet eligible for arbitration. Here's one final contract-related note:

Coleman, I suppose, will get an invite to spring training. With three spots open on the 40-man roster, that leaves room for some free-agent signings, trades, or... (ominous music)... a Rule 5 pick.

Have at it!