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Cult Favorite Player: National League Central

You probably won't be terribly surprised by my choice for "cult favorite" among Cubs players.

Bob Levey

Toward the end of the season, all the SB Nation baseball bloggers were asked to submit a couple hundred words on a "cult favorite" player for our team. This player was supposed to be someone popular for reasons beyond his actual playing skill. The choice could be either a current player, or one from the team's past. I decided to go with a current player.

Arranged by division, they're being published during this offseason at Baseball Nation. Here's the feature on the NL Central teams, posted Monday.

I know my choice will please quite a few people here, those who like this player. I haven't mentioned his name here, but I'm pretty sure you can guess who it is just from the photo attached to this post.

There's another series that will follow this one, called "Irrational Hatred" -- a player from our team that was disliked by virtually the entire fanbase. No, I didn't pick Rodrigo Lopez. In fact, my choice might surprise you. That series will be posted later in the offseason.

You can comment either here or in the linked post. Even though the Astros are moving to the AL West in 2013, they're included here because of their long NL history.