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David Ortiz Thinks Bobby Valentine Is Crazy And Other MLBullets

Big Papi responds to Valentine's allegations that Ortiz quit on the Red Sox late in the 2012 season.

Rob Carr

For the first time in months, it's safe to get back on Facebook ...

  • Remember when Bobby Valentine said that David Ortiz had given up on the Red Sox, and quit late in the year rather than play for a bad team after an Achilles injury? Well, Ortiz, of course, denies the accusation, and openly wonders whether he's dealing with "someone crazy." (Ortiz wasn't just being colorful - he thought maybe medication was in order.) I'm not saying which side I believe, but the Red Sox fired Valentine and gave Ortiz a two-year, $26 million extension.
  • Jerry Crasnick, as he does each year, surveyed 22 anonymous high-ranking executives on a range of offseason topics. Among their thoughts: (1) Nobody knows who will sign Josh Hamilton or how much they'll spend; (2) Zack Greinke is probably staying in L.A. (either Angels or Dodgers); (3) Michael (Jason) Bourn is more attractive than B.J. Upton; (4) James Shields is far more likely to be traded than Justin Upton or Chase Headley; (5) Alex Rodriguez will not be traded; (6) Anibal Sanchez is the second best pitcher on the free agent market behind Greinke; and (7) Melky Cabrera won't get more than $10 million.
  • Cee Angi covers the many travels of Edwin Jackson, and wonders if he might finally, finally find a long-term home by virtue of signing a long-term deal this offseason. Just don't sign with the Cubs if you're wanting stability, Edwin. You could be on the road again within a few months.
  • Adam Wainwright, who won't be a free agent until next offseason, is willing to talk extension with the Cardinals right now, depending on what they're willing to offer up. To that end, FanGraphs wonders just what Wainwright is worth in an extension.
  • Yu Darvish has officially become an MLB'er: he will not participate in the World Baseball Classic next year, bailing like many of the best and brightest before him.
  • The Rockies are down to Matt Williams and Walt Weiss in their managerial search, with Weiss the favorite. That would be something if he gets the job - Weiss is currently coaching high school baseball.
  • Should MLB be concerned about sliding World Series ratings? Are they really sliding all that much?

Brett Taylor is the Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and a Contributor here at Bleed Cubbie Blue.