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Call For Contributors

Want to write on the front page at BCB? Here's your chance.


For the nearly eight years that BCB has been in existence, almost all the posts here have been done by me. In recent years I've brought on Josh, then Brett, then Naveen, to make posts on areas that either I didn't consider myself knowledgable enough about, or to supplement coverage.

Now, I'd like to expand BCB to even more of you. Some of you have written thoughtful and interesting FanPosts and I'd like to give you the opportunity to write on the front page.

If you're interested in this, email me with your interest, what you'd like to write about, and how often you think you'd be able to post.

There are just two (small) catches.

First, this is simply for the glory of being able to write here -- there's no payment involved.

Second, I will request, if you want to be a front-page writer here, that you have your SB Nation user name changed to your real name (I can help facilitate that). I think it looks more professional, and all the other front-page contributors already do so.

I look forward to hearing from you. Email me via this link.