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It's 12-12-12. Do You Know Your Cubs No. 12's?

Why not do a post about 12's? It's that kind of day.

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David Banks

There isn't much Cubs news today, nor are there many rumors. So here's a somewhat silly post about every player who has ever worn No. 12 for the Cubs, from BCBer kaseyi's

Charlie Root (1932), Mark Koenig (1933), Bob O'Farrell (1934), Jim Weaver (1934), Lon Warneke (1935-36), Ken O'Dea (1937-38), Gus Mancuso (1939), Rip Russell (194O-42), Johnny Hudson (1941), Billy Holm (1943), Chico Hernandez (1943), Roy Easterwood (1944), Dewey Williams (1944-45, 1947), Lou Stringer (1946), Cal McLish (1949), Mickey Owen (195O-51), Bob Usher (1952), Tommy Brown (1952-53), Chris Kitsos (1954), Ed Winceniak (1956-57), Bobby Morgan (1957-58), Dick Johnson (1958), Jim Marshall (1959), Dick Gernert (196O), Nelson Mathews (196O), Mel Roach (1961), Len Gabrielson (1964-65), John Boccabella (1966-68), Gene Oliver (1968-69), J. C. Martin (197O-72), Andre Thornton (1973-76), Jerry Tabb (1976), Bobby Darwin (1977), Rudy Meoli (1978), Steve Macko (1979-8O), Carmelo Martinez (1983), Davey Lopes (1984), Shawon Dunston (1985-95, 1997), Leo Gomez (1996), Mickey Morandini (1998-99), Ricky Gutierrez (2OOO-O1), Angel Echevarria (2OO2), Dusty Baker (manager, 2OO3-O6), Alfonso Soriano (2OO7-12)

An interesting run of Cubs history, and a number of players we are all quite familiar with. I thought I'd take this opportunity, too, for a bit of shameless self-promotion: Kasey and I would be thrilled if you don't already have "Cubs By The Numbers" and want your own copy. You can order one at this link.

And yes, I chose the posting time of this post deliberately. (Central time, of course.)