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Cubs Signing Korean RHP Chang-Yong Lim

The Cubs are reportedly adding another pitcher from Asia.

Junko Kimura/Getty Images

Chang-Yong Lim is a 36-year-old righthander from Korea.

Soon, he will be a Chicago Cub, according to this link from the Korean news site Naver (link in Korean).

I ran that link through Google Translate, and rather than just post the translation here for the humor effect, I'll simply report that the gist of it is that the Cubs outbid four other teams interested in his services (Tigers, Orioles, Red Sox, Rangers), and that Lim isn't expected to pitch again until 2014, because of recent Tommy John surgery.

With Kyuji Fujikawa apparently in line to take over from Carlos Marmol as Cubs closer by 2014 (or maybe earlier, if Marmol can be traded), Lim would appear to be a good option as a setup man. The photo on top of this post is from Lim's appearance in the 2009 World Baseball Classic for Korea. If I had to guess from the photo -- and from others I found of him -- I'd guess he's a sidearmer or submariner.

The article didn't indicate the terms of the deal, but did indicate it's a two-year contract. I wouldn't think this deal is very expensive, and it's another low-cost, low-risk, high-reward possibility. Nice work by Theo & Jed.