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Cubs vs. Phillies: Mock Game Thread, Saturday Night 7:05 CT

This has been one of the worst weeks I can remember, ever. About the only way I can think of to try to bring back some normalcy is by running a mock game thread.

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Last Monday night, I had started working on this project. I wasn't sure when I would fit it in, but mock game threads take some prep work. I was most of the way through what I needed to do when I went to work. The news there was terrible. Our hospital's helicopter crashed with three staff members aboard. There were no survivors.

A few Cubs signings really didn't seem so important. I informed Al I would be on hiatus for a spell. I was still intrigued what was going on, and was posting on Facebook and Twitter still, but I wanted to have a degree of control in my surroundings. I know on occasion I have snapped at people here, and thought it best I back away until I was ready to return. I know a few of you were asking about me, and I appreciate the concern.

On Thursday night, I listened to a piece of music that really helped me cope with what had happened Monday. I wasn't back to normal or anything, but it was getting better. Then came Friday, and the week of horrible news re-surfaced. I deliberately left the TV off, as I didn't need any more fright in my week. As I heard the frustration among people pretty much everywhere, there was nothing to say. It's a great time to leave it like that here on BCB. As always.

On Friday night, I returned to my idea of running a mock game thread. I imagine three or four of you might need some virtual therapy. At 7:05 Central time or so, I will begin a game from history. A few things have been very slightly edited, but in effect, we will have a game from Cubs history tonight. The Cubs will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies. The players that project to be in the mix for roster spots will be at the ready. Jeff Samardzija will start for the Cubs, Kyle Kendrick for the Phillies.

As I finish writing this, I will submit to Al the starting lineups on a first pitch thread. I'll set my alarm for about 6 PM CT, and Jimmy Rollins will step in at just after 7. If any of you want to, you can keep score or try to determine which game from history we're playing.

If any of you think it's inappropriate to be playing a mock game this shortly after the tragic events in Connecticut on Friday, I respect that 100 percent. Mourning is a horrible beast, and everyone needs to do it on their time frame. For me, sadly, the week started the way it ended. Now what I need is a ballgames, even if I have to change all the names in an old box score. And even if I'm not 100 percent ready yet.

I will run play-by-play, and as a slight hint, there weren't pitch counts on box scores back then. Hopefully a few of you show up.