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Cub Tracks: Moving On... Kind Of

The Cubs' brass tries to pick up the pieces after being spurned by Anibal Sanchez. So they're moving on to Plan B. There's also a lot more talk about the Cubs many pick ups from the "dented cans" bin.

Moving on.
Moving on.

Sorry everyone... started a new job today, so there's no witty intro. And I'm feeling under the weather, so I could barely get this finished. The bit at the bottom was written before most of the life force was sucked out of me.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • The Cubs thought Anibal Sanchez would be a game changer. Well, the game changed, all right.
  • And after missing out on Sanchez, would the Cubs go "all in" with Matt Garza and Jeff Samardzija?

From Cubs Den

From the Chicago Tribune



Today's food for thought

  • There will be no link today. Instead, I use this space to ask only that you take a(nother) moment to reflect on what is important in the world and in your life, in the shadow of the tragedy in Connecticut. Al has suggested there are better places to discuss these matters -- and I agree. But as we all look for ways to cope, assimilate, and move on, please just take one more moment to pause, particularly if you are about to post with venom (I have been guilty in the past). For those with the means, help if you can.

    Sports is a great escape. Let's talk about the team we all root for.

    Go Cubs.