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Cubs, StubHub Renew Agreement

Three teams were reported to have opted out of MLB's new StubHub deal, including the Cubs, but Friday, the Cubs came to a new agreement to continue with StubHub.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last week, it was reported that Major League Baseball and StubHub had renewed their deal for secondary-market ticket sales, but that three teams -- the Yankees, Angels and Cubs -- had opted out of that deal.

Friday, I learned that the Cubs are in fact renewing their agreement with StubHub. The agreement, according to the team, will be the same as it has been in previous years, except that ticket sales will be cut off six hours, instead of two hours, before game time.

The article linked above says:

The minimum price for baseball tickets on StubHub in 2O13 will be $6, a far more appealing number for the league after some seats were listed for pocket change during the first five-year deal that expired after this past season.

The $6 ticket includes commissions and the delivery fee for the website, which previously charged customers at least $1O.4O after they selected their seats.

It's still not clear what that will do to actual individual pricing by people posting their tickets on StubHub; the Cubs say there is no "floor" for ticket pricing, so presumably that means a reduction in fees, rather than a reduction in the actual price of the ticket. But this does mean that season-ticket holders will be able to sell on StubHub directly via their accounts, and others can sell via barcode, as they've done in the past.