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Merry Christmas From BCB

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. Hope you receive gifts that please you and that you find joy in the season, no matter what holiday you celebrate.

The Game in Cubs History series will resume tomorrow. Erik will have a Christmas edition of "Cub Tracks" later this morning, at 11 a.m. CST.

And never forget this bit of Cubs Christmas history: though he played in just three games in a Cubs uniform, the Cubs once had their very own Christmas. This is from a team-issued 1986 card set:


Christmas helped win this game against the Montreal Expos with a pinch-hit, two-run double in a five-run eighth inning. His reward for that was to start at catcher the next day. He went 0-for-4; after that he was sent back to Triple-A Iowa and never again played in the major leagues, even though he hit .300/.365/.428 at Iowa.

In any event, Merry Christmas to all!