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Cubs vs. Cardinals Mock Game Thread Preview, Thursday 3 p.m. CT

This afternoon BCB will host another in the line of historic Cubs games, updated with contemporary players from both squads. Check below for details on today's presentation.

It's December. Can you explain to me why we're playing baseball?
It's December. Can you explain to me why we're playing baseball?
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

After a recent rousing mock game thread, it was determined that it would be a pleasant time to have a game thread against our division rivals since the late 1960's, the St. Louis Cardinals. Today's game from the Cubs Historically Updated Media Productions (CHUMP) Network pits the Cardinals and Jake Westbrook versus the Cubs and Scott Baker.

As a bit of warning, pitch-by-pitch data is a new concept in baseball recording, so ball and strike calls won't be a part of the play-by-play. Similarly, bullpen usage 'back in the day' may be dissimilar to current usage. Don't be surprised if managers Mike Matheny and Dale Sveum make some curious pitching changes. Though, of course, they may be no more curious than normal.

Make yourself at home at around 3 p.m., have a cold beverage ready, and enjoy a game thread from a real game in the annals of Cubs-Cardinals history. Keep score. Try to guess (to yourself, of course) which game I'm replaying, and, of course, let the umpires know when they blew a call.

As usual, keep your political commentary to yourself, and enjoy this afternoon's game. All players on the 40-man roster are eligible. The lineups are as follows.

St. Louis
Jon Jay, cf
Carlos Beltran, rf
Allen Craig, 1b
Matt Holliday, lf
David Freese, 3b
Yadier Molina, c
Ty Wigginton, 2b
Pete Kozma, ss
Jake Westbrook, p
David DeJesus, rf 
Starlin Castro, ss 
Anthony Rizzo, 1b 
Alfonso Soriano, lf 
Brett Jackson, cf 
Ian Stewart, 3b 
Darwin Barney, 2b 
Welington Castillo, c 
Scott Baker, p

For the record, the third game in this series has been decided upon. Check back for the game thread to find out where the CHUMP Network will visit next; the game thread for this game will post at 3 p.m. CST.