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SB Nation 3.0 Update: Changes Coming To BCB

The new look will have a new look in early January. Here's a preview of some of the features.

There was much discussion about the new look of SB Nation sites, including here at BCB, when it debuted last September. Many of you had comments, criticisms, complaints and suggestions that you passed along both to me, and to SB Nation support.

In early January -- possibly as soon as next week -- a significant number of changes and modifications to SB Nation 3.0 will go into effect. Most importantly, FanPosts and FanShots will get much more prominent placement on the front page.

There's quite a bit more; you can read about all the upcoming changes here. That link also has a sample screenshot.

So for those of you who think your comments were being ignored -- they weren't. As you can imagine, the product team got a lot of them. They listened. And hopefully, you'll be happy with the changes and improvements that are coming.

You can leave comments either here, or in the post linked above.