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Irrational Hatred: National League Central

I picked the same player for this feature as another NL Central blogger. Who is it? The photo could be misleading.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, SB Nation's NL Central bloggers wrote about a "cult favorite" player from their team -- someone who might not be a great player, but is loved by the fanbase for various reasons. I mentioned at the time that the next feature in this series would be "irrational hatred" -- a player disliked by the fanbase for reasons that might not always make sense.

I told you at the time that my choice was not Rodrigo Lopez.

Here's our "Irrational Hatred" feature; you'll be interested to see that another NL Central blogger picked the same player.

Seriously, there were quite a number of choices here; I could have picked someone we "irrationally hated" while he played for the Cubs. There were no specific guidelines for making this choice. I hope you like, or dislike, my selection.

The next feature in this series will be "Fluke Season" -- picking the player in our team's history who had a season most out of character with the rest of his career.

You can comment either here or in the linked post. Even though the Astros are moving to the AL West in 2013, they're included here because of their long NL history.