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Astros Broadcaster Jim Deshaies Is The New Cubs Color Man

The search to replace Bob Brenly ended today with the hiring of Astros Color Man Jim Deshaies.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

According to CBS's Danny Knobler, the new Cubs color broadcaster will be former Astros broadcaster (and pitcher) Jim Deshaies. Deshaies has been the color man for the Astros for the past fifteen years and is generally considered to be one of the top in his field. In fact, this article in Fangraphs ranked the Astros team of Bill Brown and Deshaies as the fourth best team in the league, which is two spots better than they ranked Len Kasper and Bob Brenly.

If you want to know what Astros fans think of Deshaies, you can read this post from the Crawfish Boxes after Deshaies name was first floated for the Cubs job. This article in the Houston Chronicle is just as upset. Astros fans will not be happy at all. So as unhappy as we were with Brenly leaving, they are going to be just as unhappy with Deshaies departing.

Deshaies is considered a smart and funny broadcaster who will likely work well with Len Kasper, which may be the most important thing. He will probably bring the same kinds of banter that Brenly had with Kasper. Although things may be rough at first, Deshaies has so much experience in the booth that I doubt there will be a long breaking-in period.

We all want to welcome Jim Deshaies to the Cubs family.