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How Could The Cubs Acquire Giancarlo Stanton?

The Marlins are apparently listening to all offers for their power-hitting right fielder. Could the Cubs get in this game?

Stephen Dunn

Here's another Giancarlo Stanton trade rumor to liven up your weekend:

Stanton, of course, is one of the best young hitters in the game. (I'd have said the best, but then there's Mike Trout to consider.) He had a monster year in 2012 despite missing 39 games with a knee injury. (That's a caveat, too; is that something fixed, or something that's going to be a chronic problem for him?)

Stanton is just 23. To me, he'd be worth trading just about anyone in the organization save Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo -- because those are two guys who you'd want to build around in addition to adding Stanton. Stanton would look awfully good in right field at Wrigley for, oh, the next decade or so.

This is the silly season for trade proposals from these parts, but see if you can put together something realistic that would blow away the Marlins to the point they'd deal Stanton now.

And remember, the key word in the paragraph above is realistic.