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The Cubs' Right Field Patio And LED Board: A New Look

The Cubs released a rendering of what the new right field party patio and LED scoreboard, to be installed where the existing bleacher box seats are located, at the Cubs Convention last month.

Some of you didn't think the rendering looked very good, or gave an accurate perspective on what the new LED scoreboard will look like.

I agreed with that. So I enlisted Mike, who does all the cartoons here, and who is a commercial artist by trade, to use his Photoshop skills to create a more realistic look at what this change in Wrigley Field might look like.

The numbers on the scoreboard... well, they could happen, right?

Click on image to open a larger version in a new browser window. Depending on the size of your display and browser, it may require some scrolling. If you find it to be too large, click here for a smaller version. Photo credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images. Photo illustration by Mike Bojanowski