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Chicago Cubs vs. Seattle Mariners, Peoria, Arizona, Monday 3/19, 3:05 CT

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- It's still chilly in the Valley of the Sun this Monday morning; the forecast doesn't have temperatures out of the mid 50s, although the rain should have cleared the area by game time. Starting tomorrow, it's back to sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Cubs lineup:

DeJesus RF, Barney 2B, Castro SS, Soriano LF, Baker 3B, Byrd CF, Johnson DH, Mather 1B, Castillo C

Mariners lineup:

Figgins LF, Ackley 2B, Ichiro RF, Smoak 1B, Montero DH, Seager 3B, Olivo C, Saunders CF, Ryan SS

About an hour ago (10 a.m. Arizona time), the Cubs began a morning "B" game against the Indians at Goodyear with Randy Wells going against Cleveland's Derek Lowe. In Peoria, Travis Wood will go for the Cubs against Seattle's Jason Vargas. Other Cubs expected to pitch today are Jay Jackson, Scott Maine, Trever Miller and James Russell.

Today's game is on with Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie. Here is the Mediacenter for today. Gameday for

Note that for spring training gameday links, you probably will not get pitch-by-pitch as during the regular season; these are unofficial links. Each play will be posted, but might not be updated until after each half-inning.

There will be one overflow thread, which will post at 4:30 pm CT. The "Recent Stories in Game Threads" box on the sidebar is where you'll find it.

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