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Grady Sizemore Does What Grady Sizemore Does And Other MLBullets

The latest from around MLB...

  • Walking injury Grady Sizemore will miss at least a couple months after back surgery, leaving the Cleveland Indians scrambling for a sub in center field (Michael Brantley will probably slide over from left). Though, given Sizemore's track record, they should have been prepared for this, right? Sizemore hasn't played a half-season's worth of games since 2009, and hasn't played more than 106 games since 2008. During that span, he's had five surgeries. With the Oakland A's Scott Sizemore already out for the year with a torn ACL, I can only assume that actor Tom Sizemore's already-sizable insurance premiums are going up.
  • Ryan Braun *really* needs to muzzle his lawyer. But, since I know Braun's lawyer wouldn't go popping off without Braun's endorsement, I suppose I can just say that Braun needs to shut it. In response to a statement from "the collector," whose integrity Braun impugned earlier this week, Braun's lawyer is once again taking shots at "the collector." "Ryan Braun presented a winning defense in the forum that counted," attorney David Cornwell said in a statement. "The landmark decision in Ryan's favor was based on the evidence and the plain meaning of the words in baseball's joint drug program. The collector's attempt to re-litigate his conduct is inappropriate, and his efforts will only be persuasive to those who do not understand the evidence or the rules." It's really unbelievable that Braun - the winner of the appeal - can't just shut up and leave well enough alone. You essentially said that "the collector" tampered with your sample, and he defended himself in the most innocuous way possible. There is nothing inappropriate about that. Just move on.
  • Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria took a pitch off the hand yesterday, but says all is well. "It's just a bruise," Longoria said in a statement released by the Rays. "It's sore, but getting hit by a pitch is part of the game. The X-rays were negative and that's good. Now it's day to day and we will see how it feels tomorrow. At this point, we just need to get the swelling out of there." He'll probably be fine, as there's plenty of time to take it easy right now, but, it goes without saying, he's a critical piece of the Rays' equation.
  • Other MLB teams might be pretty angry at the Texas Rangers for signing Dominican teenager Jairo Beras to a $4.5 million contract. Why? Because the other teams believed Beras to be just 16, and thus not eligible to sign until July 2 (which is significant, since the international signing "cap" of $2.9 million will have kicked in by then). The Rangers, apparently unearthed "proof" that Beras is actually 17, and signed him quickly and quietly. Beras previously represented to baseball that he was 16, so there could be some problems for both he and the Rangers here. Kevin Goldstein has a good write-up of the situation here. MLB is investigating.
  • Goodbye Mike Stanton, hello Giancarlo Stanton. No, this isn't a Fausto Carmona situation. Instead, the Florida Marlins' young slugger is choosing to start going by his given first name (his full name is Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton).
  • J.P. Arencibia does an impression of Tim Kurkjian, while I do my best to test the limits of my spelling ability.
  • The additional Wild Card thing is going to happen for 2012, but MLB hasn't yet been able to announce it. The logistics of adding an extra game after the end of the season without moving the rest of the playoffs is proving difficult, apparently.

Brett Taylor is the Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and a Contributor here at Bleed Cubbie Blue.