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Chicago Cubs vs. San Diego Padres, Peoria, Arizona, Thursday 3/29, 3:05 CT: The Story That Might Finally Be Over

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Five weeks ago, the Cubs sent Chris Carpenter to the Red Sox as compensation for hiring Theo Epstein as President of Baseball Operations. That took four months following Theo's hiring in October.

The deal was supposed to include PTBNLs on both sides, to make it an official player transaction. Two weeks ago, the Cubs sent Aaron Kurcz to Boston.

Done, right? Not so fast. It was announced Wednesday that Carpenter is having elbow surgery for a bone spur and is going to miss a couple of months, at least.

That sent Boston Herald writer Dan Duggan into a tizzy:

Sox general manager Ben Cherington, who took over after Epstein fled for Chicago, confirmed that Carpenter will need surgery, but declined to comment on how long the pitcher will be out and if it will affect the compensation agreement.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe provides the voice of reason:

The Red Sox will likely not receive a different player from the Cubs because everything was up front and out in the open. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances, and certainly bad timing, that Carpenter got hurt with the Red Sox and must have bone spurs removed.

The Red Sox were well aware of Carpenter's past elbow problems, but he was over them and throwing the ball quite well.

This could, at last, be over today. The Cubs have received the PTBNL:

Cubs lineup:

Barney 2B, Byrd CF, Castro SS, Baker 1B, Johnson LF, Mather 3B, Soto C, DeWitt RF, Volstad P

Padres lineup was not available at posting time.

Chris Volstad will start for the Cubs. Among Cubs relievers will be Kerry Wood, in action for the first time in 11 days.

For the Padres, it'll be Clayton Richard, followed by Alex Hinshaw, Ernesto Frieri and Brad Brach.

Today's game is on with Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie. Here is the Mediacenter for today. Gameday

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