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The Dodgers Plan To Spend And Other MLBullets

The Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners are tied atop the AL West at 1-1, and each has the best record in baseball. Now they return to exhibition baseball. The latest from around the league...

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers have had nominal new owners for only a couple days, but they're already telling everyone how much money they're going to spend. No, not the $2 to $2.15 billion they're spending on buying the franchise. They're talking about how much money they're going to spend on free agents. "Other teams are [spending a lot of money in free agency]," Magic Johnson said this week. "It's not just the Yankees. The Angels invested a lot of money into Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. You see what the Tigers just did with Prince Fielder. Teams are investing. That's what you do when you put a winning team on the field. We're not going to be any different from those teams .... Also, we would love to copy the Yankees' success. If you're saying, 'Do we want to be the Yankees?,' the answer is yes. We want to win the World Series. We do want to win." MLB agents everywhere thank you, Magic.

  • The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Cleveland Indians are hard at work on a trade that would send moderately disgruntled outfielder/DH Bobby Abreu to the Indians, possibly for 28-year-old former prospect Trevor Crowe. Abreu is largely without a spot in Anaheim, and the Indians could use an extra outfielder, particularly in light of Grady Sizemore's totally-surprising-how-could-anyone-have-predicted-it injury issues.
  • Hard-throwing lefty Aroldis Chapman might still find himself in the Cincinnati Reds' rotation, despite injuries to closer Ryan Madson and setup man Nick Masset, and an otherwise full rotation. Homer Bailey, previously believed to be the team's fifth starter, is out of options, making the Chapman decision even more difficult. Chapman, 24, threw five excellent innings yesterday.
  • Miguel Cabrera has come back quickly from taking a ground ball to the face earlier in the Spring, and will play today for the Detroit Tigers. While the injury could probably have happened to a number of third basemen, you have to wonder if he'll now be even more tentative out there. And by "tentative," I mean god-awful at defense.
  • The drama in Boston will probably never end. Now, former Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is claiming players are telling him that Bobby Valentine is rubbing them the wrong way, and Josh Beckett is indirectly telling Curt Schilling to shut up.
  • Prepare yourself for insane media coverage on April 9. Of what? That's the day Yu Darvish will make his MLB debut.

Brett Taylor is the Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and a Contributor here at Bleed Cubbie Blue.