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On The Joe Ricketts Firestorm

Politics can be a nasty business. People tend to have very strong opinions on political topics, and in general they have nothing to do with baseball or the Cubs, which is why I have a "no politics" rule here at BCB.

That's why I said, "Uh-oh" when I saw this article about Joe Ricketts and the supposed political attack ad proposal he was behind, published last week in the New York Times.

I didn't want it posted or linked here, because I knew that in about 10 minutes the discussion would degenerate into partisan political bickering. The link was posted by a BCB reader and deleted. We are all here because we are Cubs fans and love baseball, and there are plenty of Internet forums for political discussion and/or bickering, if you are so inclined. Further, though it had the name "Ricketts" in it, the original New York Times article wasn't directly related to the Cubs.

This story did spill over into the Cubs realm when Mayor Rahm Emanuel got angry and refused to return Tom Ricketts' phone calls regarding Wrigley Field renovations. At that time a couple of fanshots were posted on this topic. Those, too, were deleted. I didn't think any good could come of that kind of discussion, because this had become such a polarizing topic, and I wasn't interested in doing it just for the cheap page views.

You'll notice there's no link for comments on this post. This is intentional. I think you can easily guess why. The same sort of political firestorm would likely result, and I simply will not have that here. Other Cubs sites may differ, but that's how I'm going to run BCB.

If and when the issue of Wrigley renovation financing comes up and is not politically contentious -- and that might never happen -- we can discuss it here, civilly and rationally. Until then, these are the last words you will see me write on this topic.