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Cubs Lose To Tigers 8-4

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I have been sitting here racking my brains trying to write an interesting recap of one of the more nondescript games of the season, the Cubs' 8-4 loss to the Tigers Wednesday night.

Don't worry. Themed recaps are coming back, soon. But for now, I think I'm going to ask you to write the recap of this game.

Facts you can use:

  • Matt Garza pitched pretty well until the sixth inning, when he gave up four runs. A Joe Mather error didn't help. Oh, and Garza actually laid down a perfect sacrifice bunt... on the first pitch. He also managed to throw a ball to first base for an out, but it might have helped that he got almost knocked down by it first.
  • The Cubs had lots of hits in the first five innings. Not so many (just two) in the last four. At one point Detroit pitchers retired 12 straight Cubs.
  • Detroit's Jhonny Peralta had a chance to make a little history in the ninth inning; he had singled, doubled and tripled in that order, and a home run would have made for a "natural cycle". Instead, Carlos Marmol walked him. Thanks, Carlos. (And what's with the spelling "Jhonny"? Have always wondered about that.)
  • The Tigers' Brennan Boesch hit a home run and also made a spectacular diving catch of a David DeJesus line drive.
  • Bryan LaHair might need a day off. He doubled, but struck out three times for the second straight game.
  • The game had the largest tickets-sold total of the season, 41,326.

Well. I see I've pretty much written the recap after all, but maybe you can do better. Have at it in the comments. The preview for Thursday's afternoon contest will post at 11:30 a.m. CDT.