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Roger Clemens Is Not Guilty, But Is He Innocent? And Other MLBullets

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The latest from around baseball, where the disabled list might actually be the safest place for Ryan Dempster...

  • Obviously the big news since the last set of MLBullets is Roger Clemens' acquittal on perjury charges. So that means he totally never used performance enhancing drugs, right? Of course, things are a bit more nuanced than that. The acquittal means only that the government couldn't prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. It means only that Clemens is not guilt of perjury. He might have used; he might not have used. In other words, we don't really have a different perspective than we had before his trial. Instead, it's one of those things where your perspective was probably already locked into whatever it was, and the outcome of a trial about lying wasn't going to change things. Grant Brisbee has collected the reactions, and Rob Neyer ponders the obvious Hall-of-Fame-related questions, not just for Clemens, but for all players touched by the steroid era.

  • That Ryan Dempster crack was only partly a crack. Yet another handful of players have been shuffled to the baseball infirmary, the most notable of whom is Brandon Beachy, the NL's leading starter, who is also now tied for the league lead in torn elbow ligaments. Beachy is headed off to Dr. James Andrews for a consult, but torn UCLs, even partially torn ones, almost always require Tommy John surgery to correct. It's a huge blow to the Braves.
  • Another pitcher headed to the DL is Jeremy Hellickson, who is suffering from shoulder fatigue. Speaking of pitchers with shoulder injuries, John Danks has a small tear in a tendon in his shoulder. It doesn't require surgery, but the lefty, who hasn't pitched since May 19, will be out for as much as another month.
  • When you see Phillies second baseman, the first thing you think? Performance enhancing drugs. That wasn't the first thing you think? Well, it will now: Galvis has tested positive for a PED, and has been suspended 50 games. Galvis was already on the DL with a broken vertebrae in his back, so he might not miss much more time than he would have anyway.
  • Rays reliever Joel Peralta was ejected last night in a game against the Nationals for having a foreign substance on his glove. Peralta used to pitch for the Nationals, who somehow knew to ask the umpires to inspect his glove. Coincidence? Almost certainly not. And something feels kind of crummy about allowing a guy to use a foreign substance while he pitches for your team, and then calling him on it when he's on the mound for an opponent.
  • R.A. Dickey is in the midst of a five-game stretch not duplicated in baseball history - five straight starts of zero ER, and at least eight Ks.
  • Anthony Castrovince searches for the Ohio Cup, with hilarious results.

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