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2012 MLB Home Run Derby

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KANSAS CITY -- I'll be at the Home Run Derby tonight. My seat is in right field, section 251, which, if you look at the Kauffman Stadium seating chart, should give me a decent shot at maybe catching one of the baseballs. Look for me -- I'll be wearing the jersey of a certain retired Cubs pitcher.

Participants in the Derby are:

American League

Robinson Cano, last year's champion, 2nd HR Derby
Jose Bautista, 2nd HR Derby
Mark Trumbo, 1st HR Derby
Prince Fielder, 4th HR Derby

National League

Matt Kemp, 2nd HR Derby
Carlos Gonzalez, 1st HR Derby
Carlos Beltran, 1st HR Derby
Andrew McCutchen, 1st HR Derby

Even though the "team" competition is mostly meaningless, because there's an individual champion, this is always a fun event. Kauffman Stadium has a reputation as being a somewhat tough home-run park (though this year it's just slightly below average), but of course these men won't be hitting off pitchers trying to get them out; instead, they'll be getting batting-practice servings designed to actually let them hit very long home runs.

Enjoy, and discuss.