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Welcome To Bleed Cubbie Blue 3.0

BCB is one of the oldest sites in the SB Nation network -- we've been around for almost eight years. Now, we, and the rest of the over 300 sites, have a new look and feel. What does it all mean?

John Gress - Getty Images

Well. Things look a bit different around here this morning, don't they? Still a bit of the new blog smell about, still unpacking and moving in, so here's a brief introduction to the new BCB. (Please also watch the welcome to SB Nation United video that's on this site.)

What's the same?

Every bit of Cubs-related content that you've come here for the last (almost) eight years. Game previews and recaps. Josh's minor league coverage. Brett's MLB info. Naveen's weekly recaps. Various takes on the Cubs and major-league baseball. It'll look different, but content-wise, we're not changing a thing.

What's different?

The look, obviously. We now have the same ability as the mothership at to post what we call a StoryStream™. That means that for big stories, like trades, or signings of free agents, or injuries, every post about that story will be in a single stream with updates, so you can read all of it in one place. Because we now have an adjustable layout, I can keep big stories on the top of the page longer.

We also now have the ability to post Cubs-relevant stories from other SB Nation sites. So, for example, if the Cubs and Phillies (just to pick a team at random, not that I've heard any rumors) were to make a big trade this winter, I can (and will) post a story about such a deal from The Good Phight. Or post Cubs-related stories from Baseball Nation.

We're also going to have guest features from writers from outside SB Nation from time to time. The first one will post sometime later today. Topic: Alfonso Soriano's fine season and what that might mean for his future.

Going Forward

Yes. I know. Change on the Internet! That's something that everyone has an opinion on. These changes are going to help BCB -- and the rest of SB Nation -- be a more unified network, and be able to bring more, newer and better content to you.

If you do come across anything that seems off, or that you need help with, please send an email to They'll be able help you out with any technical issues.