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The Cubs Give A NRI To A Furniture Store

No, they didn't, not really. But a player they recently signed has the same name as a furniture store. Thus, this post.

Jared Wickerham

This is a silly post. So please, don't take it in the least bit of seriousness. It's Friday afternoon, there's little baseball news, and Jessica passed this along to me, so I thought I'd make a frivolous post about it. Feel free to be frivolous in the comments.

The Cubs recently signed Jensen Lewis, a righthanded pitcher formerly with the Cleveland Indians, to a minor-league contract with a non-roster invitation to spring training.

Jessica pointed out that "Jensen-Lewis" is also the name of a New York City furniture store (the pitcher has no hyphen in its name, while the store does). Here's how they describe themselves:

The Jensen-Lewis Furniture Store opened its doors in 1964 selling canvas sofas and chairs; but we quickly expanded our collections. Today our store is very contemporary and full of intelligently designed furniture - our line is international in scope. We are constantly introducing our customers to new and innovative styles of the highest quality; but when a design proves to be a classic we add it to our permanent collection.

It’s exactly this thoughtful blend of the new and the tried-and-true that makes Jensen-Lewis New York’s most exciting furniture store.

Jensen Lewis, the pitcher, arrived on Earth in 1984, making him 29 years old (in May), and through his pitching career, he has been a reasonably good middle reliever. The Cubs hope he can continue to be this; he doesn't have to be the Cubs' most innovative, classic or exciting pitcher. Major-league average would suffice.