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Cubs Selling 6-Packs And 9-Packs (Of Tickets!)

Some Cubs tickets are going on sale to the general public next week. Baseball must be getting closer!

Sue Skowronski

Don't have Cubs season tickets? Didn't get your number called to come to one of the recent STH events at Wrigley Field? Want tickets for certain games?

Now you can. Well, not absolutely right this second, but January 23 at 10 a.m. CST. That's when the Cubs are placing on sale six-packs and nine-packs of tickets for selected games. Details are at the link. As has been the case for some past years for the six-packs, you will have to take some "less desirable" dates to get the ones you want. Some of them are put together by theme (there's a "bobblehead" pack, which, presumably, corresponds to bobblehead giveaway dates, although those aren't available yet).

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but there's a pack listed as "Early Weekend/Fridays", but there's only one Friday date, and two "Sunday Kids Run The Bases" packs. One of those has one Sunday date and the other one has none. I've reached out to the Cubs for clarification on this; I haven't heard back yet. When I do, I'll post the response here.

The nine-pack is a bit different. You get two of the "marquee" games -- remember, those are not only those with "marquee" opponents (I'm not sure the Pirates qualify, myself), but the ones with the highest prices. Then you pick seven other games from the list at this link.

The Cubs say you won't have to pay any "online fees" while buying these, though (presumably) you'll have to pay the amusement taxes that aren't included in the base price. In that way, you'd pay what amounts to the box office price.