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MLB Bullets Is Still On The Free Agent Market

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Lots of news coming out about the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Rafael Soriano finds a home, while Bob Melvin and J.J. Putz are staying put. Some Blue Jays have learned about the great sport of curling.


I'm back to about 90-95% from my illness over the weekend. I still get tired easily, but otherwise I feel fine. Thanks to those who wished me a speedy recovery.

I'm trying to get news from every team in the bullets from time to time, which explains my quest for "Royals News" in the last post. But the nature of the beast dictates that the big market teams will have the most news because they've got the most and the best reporters on their beat. I know I haven't posted any White Sox news either, but I figure most of you will hear that pretty quickly anyway.

Now, on to the links.

It's hard to believe it's been twenty years since Hawkeyes basketball star Chris Street was killed in a car accident. I was a graduate student at Iowa at the time and I remember it well. The Hawkeyes will honor him on Saturday.

And tomorrow will have better weather than today, Buster.