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Mark Prior, Kerry Wood Advise Cubs Prospects

If you were a Cubs prospect meeting with Wood or Prior, what would you want them to tell you?

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

No, this headline is not a punch line.

Cubs prospects met with the brass at Wrigley Field this week, and, according to Paul Sullivan, got advice from former Cubs Mark Prior and Kerry Wood as part of sessions designed to help acclimate them to the major leagues.

“Who better to know and understand (about) having all the hype, having all the pressure, being the young guy coming up and then performing in his environment?” McLeod said during a rookie workout at Northwestern University. “Who better than those two guys? Those had to have been two of the most hyped Cubs prospects of the last 15-2O years.”

First, the serious part. It's true that Wood and Prior were highly hyped coming through the organization. So, perhaps they could help other up-and-coming young players who might have to deal with that sort of thing, guys like Javier Baez, Albert Almora and others.

Now, the fun part. I'm sure you all can think of many other things that Prior and Wood could tell Cubs prospects. Please leave those in the comments. (Keep it clean, please.)