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Wrigley Field Restoration Concept Illustrations

Here are 20 concept illustrations of what the Cubs hope to do to improve Wrigley Field over the next five years.

This gallery of 20 photos was provided to me by the Cubs; I thank them for that and hope you will enjoy looking at these concept illustrations of what the team hopes to do in "restoring" Wrigley Field. These illustrations run the gamut from seating, to restaurants, to player facilities, to behind-the-scenes areas, to cutaway looks at what the entire ballpark will look like.

I should point out that each photo says "Conceptual Illustration Only". They're not intended to be exact renderings of what's going to happen, but what the Cubs hope the final product might look like. "Actual mileage may vary", as the saying goes.

They're pretty detailed, and if the final renovations look anything like this, we as Cubs fans will have a ballpark that will be the equal -- if not better -- than any of the new stadiums that have been built over the last 20 or so years.

If the Cubs do begin their five-year plan this offseason, it will be complete for the 2018 season, a bit later than they'd hoped (originally, they had hoped to finish by the centennial of the Cubs' first year at Clark & Addison, which will be in 2016), and could make the old ballyard last another 100 years, or more.