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Cubs 2013 Promotional Schedule

The Cubs will have their usual array of giveaways during the 2013 season. Here's a complete list of the swag.

The Cubs haven't yet posted a promotional schedule on their website, although some of the promo information has dribbled out. The team passed out pocket schedules at the convention, and on the back, there's a full promotional schedule.

It's in really small print. If I scanned it and posted the scan here, you'd have to put a magnifying glass up to your screen to read it.

Thus (and you're welcome!) I have taken the time to transcribe the whole thing. A few notes: the schedule says it's "tentative, subject to change"; * indicates for 21-and-over (alcohol sponsorship); # indicates a kids promotion, and ** are special promotions you have to buy through this page at the Cubs website (you'll note there's nothing specific there yet, but there will be. Also, if you look real close, you'll see me in the "Social Media Night" photo). They're all for the first 10,000 fans except where noted; the over-21's will be for the first 10,000 adults. For kids promotions, it's for the first 5,000 kids except where noted.

Here's the complete list.

4/8 Magnet schedule * (first 3O,OOO adults)
4/9 Magnet schedule * (first 3O,OOO adults)
4/11 Cubs Texting Gloves *
4/13 Darwin Barney Gold Glove Replica
4/14 Cubs Wristbands #
4/17 Cubs Winter Hat
4/18 Weather Education Day **
5/3 Limited-Edition Topps Baseball Card Set #1
5/4 Women's Derby Hat
5/5 Kids Color Your Own T-Shirt #
5/14 Race To Wrigley 5K **
5/15 Law Enforcement Appreciation Day **
5/17 Pitcher & Mug Set *
5/18 Silicone Scoreboard Slap Watch
5/19 Mini Cubs Player Figurine #
5/3O Jersey Off Our Back (Lucky Seat Winners)
6/1 Darwin Barney Bobblehead
6/2 Kids Sunday #
6/7 Cubs Floppy Hat *
6/8 Retired Number Flag
6/9 Player Superhero Figurine #
6/21 Day Camp Day **
6/22 Edwin Jackson Bobblehead
6/23 Ryno the Rhino (Build-a-Bear) #
7/5 Limited-Edition Topps Baseball Card Set #2
7/6 Cubs Player Figurine
7/7 Kids Sunday #
7/9 Teacher Appreciation Night **
7/11 TBD Promotional Item
7/12 Cubs Cowboy Hat *
7/13 Wrigley Field Legend Replica Statue
7/14 Kids Sunday #
7/3O Girl Scouts Night **
7/31 Firefighter Appreciation Night **
8/1 Singles Night **
8/2 Limited-Edition Topps Baseball Card Set #3
8/3 Kyuji Fujikawa Bobblehead
8/4 Kids Sunday #
8/12 First Night Game Reissue Cap
8/13 Boy Scouts Night **
8/14 Little League Day **
8/16 Toiletry Bag
8/17 Cubs T-Shirt *
8/18 Cubs Tin Lunchbox #
8/21 Social Media Night **
8/3O Limited-Edition Topps Baseball Card Set #4
9/1 Cubs Diecast Car #
9/3 Big Ten Night **
9/7 American Girl doll-sized Cubs Apparel # (first 4,OOO kids)
9/8 Cubs Chest Protector Backpack #
9/2O Halfway To St. Patrick's Day **
9/22 Kids Sunday #
9/24 Oktoberfest **

Personally, I love bobbleheads, so I'm looking forward to those. The card sets are a unique creation of Topps -- they're going to have current players (and some past stars) as if they were playing in years of the past. You can get an idea of what some of these will look like from the photo at the top of this post (which was on the calendar the Cubs passed out at the convention).