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It's Official: Pearl Jam Wrigley Concert July 19

Eddie Vedder (above, throwing out a first pitch at Wrigley in 2007) loves the Cubs. Eddie's band Pearl Jam will be playing their first-ever Wrigley Field show this year, right after the baseball All-Star break.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

UPDATE: Tuesday morning, this came from the official Cubs Twitter account:

For those concerned about the state of the field for baseball, this show is 10 days before the Cubs' next home game, July 29 against the Brewers. Even if they add a second show July 20, that would give the team nine days to get the field back in shape.

Below, here's what was posted Tuesday when the rumors first came out.


A couple of hours ago, the official Twitter account of Pearl Jam sent this:

That looks like a concert stage at Wrigley Field. (Duh.) Conclusion drawn: Pearl Jam might be playing a concert at Wrigley this year. Note the hashtag #StayTuned, which also appears on this tweet from the official Cubs Twitter account:

Of course, that's the Ron Santo patch. But "Ten" is also the title of Pearl Jam's debut album. And then there's this:

"Our diamond, our jewel" are lyrics from Eddie Vedder's Cubs song "All The Way". (Yes, I know some of you don't like that song. Personally, I do.) Eddie already played on a Wrigley stage last September with Bruce Springsteen, but not with his own band. In any case, this all looks pretty obvious to me; I'm sure it does to you, too. However: There's been no official announcement. I asked the Cubs for comment and they said "No comment." I've heard a further rumor that these shows (and the hints are pretty blatant) could be held September 13-15, while the Cubs are in Pittsburgh.

As the tweets said, "Stay tuned."