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Out-Of-Character Season: National League Central

Which Cub in history had the flukiest, weirdest, most out-of-character season? The answer can be found within.

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Earlier this offseason, SB Nation NL Central bloggers collaborated on posts about a "cult favorite" player from our teams, and also players for whom we had an "irrational hatred".

Here we present the third feature in this series, "Out-Of-Character Season". This is about a player, chosen by NL Central bloggers (you can read the posts about teams in other divisions here), who had the flukiest season or year most out of tune with the rest of his career.

I don't think you'll be surprised by my choice; you can make an argument that the player I chose had the weirdest season, in the context of his career, in Cubs history -- and one of the flukiest in the history of the game, actually.

You'll note that this post doesn't include the Astros, while the others did. It will be strange to not have them in the division, particularly since they helped all the other teams avoid finishing last over the last two seasons.

I especially liked Charlie Wilmoth's take on the Pirates' out-of-character season. Enjoy!