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You were starting to look forward to spring training, weren't you? Well silly season isn't over yet, folks. We're dredging up some new (old) trade rumors to help keep us busy. Otherwise we've got a lot of news on the Cub outfield and the Zygotes in today's Cub Tracks. Oh, and we channel Jim Mora, by asking "PLAYOFFS?!?!"

I admit. This photo creeped me out a little.
I admit. This photo creeped me out a little.
Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

You can blame Boston that we're still looking at trade rumors. And of course the roster and the farm are on the docket today. I know I'll be glad when spring training starts.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • (With video) Second Baseman Darwin Barney was honored as the CSN Sports Awards Cubs Player of the Year. This made my wife happy. She thinks Darwin is just dreamy.
  • (With video) At the same ceremony, Cubs legend Ernie Banks was honored as, well, a legend.
  • Zygote update: Relief pitcher Tony Zych could be on the fast track to Wrigley. He certainly has the confidence to make the bigs.
  • Zygote update 2, Revenge of the Zygote: Pitching prospect Dallas Beeler is unknown to some, but he's well versed in humility.
  • Zygote-ish update3, CSN's attack on Tim Huwe's territory: Cub prospects are already benefiting from a dramatic influx of information.

From Cubs Den



  • Writer Jesse Rogers is quickly gaining a reputation (from me, anyway) as a real wet blanket. Today's Debbie Downer: Scott Hairston is little more than another outfield placeholder. And, no, a failure to do cartwheels over siging Hairston does not make you a wet blanket on its own. But Rogers' snarky, ironic know-it-all hipster attitude is already wearing thin. Can't we get anyone in this town with the last name of Rogers who can write?
From the Chicago Tribune

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